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Knowledge Base Articles for Driver Development

Microsoft maintains a Knowledge Base of articles with details about bugs, fixes, and instructions for using samples. The KB articles listed here contain information for driver developers.

You can narrow your search in the KB Article database by OS version, subject, and keywords. The keywords useful for driver development issues are: kbDebug, kbKMode, kbSample, kbNDIS, and kbUSB. Look for the keywords at the end of each KB Article.

Searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base for driver-related support
Microsoft Help and Support maintains a database of technical articles written by Microsoft Customer Support experts covering known issues with Microsoft products and their fixes. Driver developers should consult the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) when an error occurs during the development or testing of their code to see if it is a known issue and the related fix.




In the Search Support (KB) box, click the Switch to Advanced Search link.


Select your version of Windows from the Search Product drop-down box.

TIP: Selecting the latest version of Windows will often result in KB articles that apply to previous versions of Windows. For example, selecting "Windows Server 2008" may contain information on issues related to Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000.


Enter the keywords that describe your issue in the For field.

TIP: Avoid asking a question like why does my server crash and only enter the words that describe the issue or exact error message.


Narrow your search by specifying the options available in the Using, Search Type, and Modified fields.


Click the Search button to begin your search.

To browse a list of KB articles that apply to general Windows driver development, including known bugs and how-to articles, enter these keywords in the For field:




TIP: Combining these keywords with specific nouns like "driver," "1394," and "isoch" will further narrow your search.

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