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Windows Vista Progress
Windows Vista   
The Windows Digital Documents (D2) team continues to refine Windows Vista features as Release Candidate 1 (RC1) approaches. Since Beta 2 was released, the D2 team has worked on identified issues and made improvements in performance and security. RC1 also contains a large number of new drivers from third-party vendors.
Windows Vista RC1 is more robust than earlier beta versions of the operating system. Additionally, the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) has been updated and contains improved sample code.
Please watch for the release of RC1. The D2 team looks forward to your feedback as we prepare Windows Vista for the Release to Manufacturing (RTM).

Microsoft XPS Virtual Print Driver Now Available for Windows XP
The Microsoft XPS virtual print driver (MXDW) is in the July Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, previously known as WinFX. If you are using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 and want to get the latest XPS driver, you will need to download and install the July CTP.

New WDP Specifications are Available
Version 0.9 of the Windows for Device Protocol (WDP) specifications is finished and the following specifications are now available from the D2 Connectivity team:
• WDP Print Service v0.9
• WDP Scan Service v0.9
• WDP Print Device v0.9
• WDP Scan Device v0.9
Version 0.9 includes changes in namespace, event definitions, elements, reference pages, and examples. You can find these changes implemented in WINMain build 5477 and later.
If you are interested in receiving the new specifications or other related information, contact

Inside the Open Packaging Conventions
The addressing model used by the Open Packaging Conventions is explained in a paper that was published last month by the Windows Digital Documents (D2) team. The paper titled Addressing Model of the Open Packaging Conventions provides information on how packages and their parts are addressed, how relative references in package parts are resolved, and how applications can make use of the package addressing model by using .NET Framework classes.

Windows Color System and XPS Seminar
Microsoft Color   
Over 100 people representing 38 hardware and software companies received a preview of key Windows Vista Technologies at the Windows Color System and XPS Documents seminar hosted by Microsoft Japan on August 2nd. Microsoft Color Architect Michael Stokes presented How WCS in Vista Works with Driver and Application and Software Developer Brian Adelberg presented Package! Publish! Print! - An introduction to new Digital Document Technologies in .Net 3.0 and Using XPS – Common XPS Scenarios for Application Developers.
Konica Minolta and Fuji Xerox presented their XPS-enabled devices and shared insight on XPS product development. Both demonstrations showcased end-to-end document workflow scenarios that used Microsoft SharePoint, XPS scan, XPS print, and Windows Rights Management Services (RMS). Thank you to all that attended.
Slides from the presentations held at this event and other related information can be downloaded from XPS for Application Developers and Windows Image Color Management.

Upcoming Events
Xplor International Columbia-Willamette Chapter Conference
D2 Group Product Manager Vicki Milton will be speaking at the Xplor International conference on September 19 at the U.S. Bank in Portland, Oregon. Vicki will present the D2 features in Windows Vista, focusing on XPS and the Windows Color System.
Xplor International is a worldwide association of professionals engaged in the document lifecycle. The document lifecycle includes creating, capturing, storing, managing, retrieving, publishing and distributing documents. Contact Jim Rank at for more information on this event.
InfoTrends Office Document Solutions Conference
D2 Group Program Manager Andy Simonds will give a keynote presentation at the InfoTrends/CAP Ventures Office Document Solutions Conference to be held at the Boston Marriott Quincy in Quincy, MA September 20-21, 2006. InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, a leading consulting and market research firm, will also be holding the Office Document Hardware Conference at the same venue during that time. Andy's presentation, XPS Revealed: Future Directions in Document Workflow, will cover the value of the XML Paper Specification (XPS) in document workflows.
XPS Plugfest
The D2 team will host an XPS Plugfest September 26-27 in Redmond, Washington. The Plugfest will focus on testing XPS implementations in software and hardware against each other to ensure compatibility. Please note that this is not a training event. Attendees must have working prototypes to be considered for participation and attendance is limited.
If you are interested in participating, contact us at

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August 15, 2006
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Windows Vista Progress
Microsoft XPS Virtual Print Driver Now Available for Windows XP
New WDP Specifications are Available
Inside the Open Packaging Conventions
Windows Color System and XPS Seminar
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
InfoImagem 2006 - Sept. 12
XPS Plugfest - Sept. 26
Photokina - Sept 26
ITForum - Nov. 14
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