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Computing mobility, Windows 7 Professional for wherever you are

Articles, tips & tricks

Windows 7 Professional can help you get more done—at work,
at home, or on the road.

  • Use Windows 7 for presentations

    Adjust Settings Before Giving a Presentation.

  • Communicate more effectively with Windows 7 Professional

    Share, Collaborate and Communicate More Effectively.

  • Stay productive with Windows 7

    Stay Productive—Wherever You Are.

  • Location aware printing available on Windows 7 Professional

    Location Aware Printing.

  • Understand offline files

    Understanding Offline Files.

  • Windows 7 Professional with remote desktop connection

    Connect to Another Computer Using Remote Desktop Connection.


Watch how Windows 7 Professional delivers on what matters most to
running your business.

  • Windows 7 Professional with Presentation Mode

    Smooth meetings at your fingertips. Watch Team Fingers show you how with Presentation Mode in Windows 7 Professional.

  • Location Aware Printing available on Windows 7

    The Boss gets easily distracted when he learns about the Location Aware Printing feature in Windows 7 Professional.

  • Keep connected using Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7 Professional.

    A mime makes an attempt to show you how to keep connected using Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7 Professional.

  • Presentation Mode in Windows 7 Professional

    The Boss is quickly sidetracked as soon as he hears about Presentation Mode in Windows 7 Professional.

  • Increase productivity with Windows 7 Professional

    Susan’s commute is more productive with Windows 7 Professional.

  • Connect to the nearest printer with Windows 7

    Wherever Maria goes, so does her laptop. With Windows 7 Professional, she can easily connect to the nearest printer.