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Preparing Students to Compete in the 21st Century—Affordably and Effectively

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Education decision-makers around the world recognize the benefits of giving every student access to modern computing tools and the learning experiences they support, as well as the advantages for the wider community when schools can offer more computing resources. Computers open the doors to the world's knowledge and to learning skills essential to success in the 21st century.

However, the lack of funds in some schools, or the difficulty of managing learning in classrooms with many computers in others, are often barriers to student access and effective learning.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 offers solutions in both cases:

  • Giving each student computer access in schools that cannot afford a computer for every student.
  • Helping teachers manage the classroom and individual student learning experience in schools that already have computers for every student.

Putting computing power into the hands of more students

Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 addresses the problem of affordability by giving each student his or her own station with a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse; these stations are then connected to a single computer and share its processing power. The teacher monitors and manages the learning experience of every student from a central station, extending the ability to guide classroom activities and help students individually.

multipoint classroom photo

In this classroom, Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 gives 18 students the experience of having their own Windows computer using just three host computers.

Makes school computing more affordable

With Windows MultiPoint Server 2012, schools can lower the upfront cost of technology, consume less energy, and reduce ongoing operating costs. Read more...

Empowers educators, engages students

Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 enables schools to give all students their own computing stations, supporting teachers in their efforts to guide every student's experience using a system that's easy to learn and use. Read more...

Provides simple setup, easy management

No matter what your computing experience and technical knowledge, you'll find that Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 offers a simple, flexible installation that's easy to manage and return to a healthy state, and enables the use of most Windows-based educational software. Read more...

Managing learning when students have their own computers

Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 helps schools that have many computers using Windows 7 or Windows 8 to manage them for better learning experiences.

Set up Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 on a central computer (the server); then install MultiPoint Connector on each computer in that classroom—desktop, laptop, or tablet, whether they belong to the school or student. This centralizes control over all those computers, giving the teacher a straightforward and manageable way to coordinate and support student learning.

wms individual In this classroom, 18 students use many different types of computers—desktops, laptops, and tablets. Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 centralizes control of all of them, better enabling teachers to manage the student learning experience.

Optimizes interaction between teachers and students

Teachers have access to an easy-to-use MultiPoint Dashboard on their stations, from which they can interact with students and guide their work. Read more...

Provides flexible installation, simple management

Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 was designed to be easy to install and maintain, regardless of the level of technical knowledge of those responsible for computer technology in the school. Read more...