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Expand your business with increased visibility to customers and credibility as an intelligent systems or Windows Embedded partner. You’ll accelerate your growth with marketing resources, product training and sales support when you join the Microsoft Partner Network programme as a competency partner or as an Action Pack subscriber.

Delivering value to our partners
Windows Embedded has always relied on strong partnerships to drive innovation into the device market. Intelligent systems are changing what is possible by harnessing powerful data as it flows from industry devices to back-end data centres; more and more customers are demanding these types of solutions. Regardless of partner type, businesses with a practice focused on intelligent systems can take advantage of the huge partner opportunity created by the Internet of Things:

  • Device partners can solidify their market leadership by building differentiated, innovative and specialised intelligent system devices;
  • Service providers can become trusted advisers on intelligent systems by extending their business analytics and back-end systems practices to intelligent systems;
  • Solution providers can become solution innovators by developing innovative intelligent systems solutions, or by upgrading or extending existing solutions to intelligent systems.

In February 2014, the Windows Embedded business retired the longstanding Windows Embedded Partner Programme (WEPP) and shifted to the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). This transition has enabled us to better assist all our partners to deliver a more consistent, programmatic approach to supporting their needs, now and into the future. From the Microsoft Action Pack subscription offering, to the new Intelligent Systems Competency, to qualification in a number of existing MPN competencies, Windows Embedded and Intelligent Systems partners can access greater programme benefits. The latest details about what’s changing in the MPN programme offerings are available to partners in the MPN Disclosure Guide. We encourage you to review the wealth of options and opportunities as part of the MPN Programmes.

Partner programme options
Windows Embedded is excited to be able to offer a number of partner programme options through the Microsoft Partner Network, allowing intelligent systems and Windows Embedded partners to engage with us in the way that makes the most sense for their business.

The Intelligent Systems Competency is designed for solution partners with demonstrated expertise in developing or implementing end-to-end intelligent systems solutions, and provides the highest level of benefits offered in any of the Microsoft Partner Network’s programme options.

The Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) provides cost-effective access to software licences, technical communities, training and marketing tools to help you build your practice round the latest Microsoft technologies. Partners with a MAPS subscription also have access to six resource centres designed to help you develop your business practice in a specific solution area, including the Device Design and Development resource centre that was designed with Windows Embedded partners in mind.

Partners may also wish to consider alternative Microsoft competencies in related solution areas, such as the OEM Competency, the Application Development Competency and the Application Integration Competency.

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