Driving Innovation

    Microsoft helps car makers capitalize on the Internet of Things to deliver new services that revolutionize the driving experience. The flexible design of the Windows Embedded Automotive software platform and built-in entertainment and communication applications enables our partners to quickly and affordably bring innovative in-car solutions and services to their customers. Watch this video to see how Windows Embedded tackles the unique challenges of developing technologies for these intelligent systems on wheels.

    The road, reinvented by intelligent systems

    Windows Embedded Automotive provides a flexible, robust, high-performance platform that enables car makers and suppliers to create differentiated, market-driven vehicles. Support for a variety of microprocessor technologies provides the flexibility of using the system architecture that matches the requirements of car makers. With more than ten years in the automotive space, Microsoft is invested in fueling connected car innovations that go beyond the typical in-car entertainment systems, providing the foundation for solutions that include monitoring vehicle performance, screening for maintenance issues and even remote tracking of the car’s location. With speech recognition, touch interface and hands-free technologies, Windows Embedded Automotive helps drivers stay focused on the road and in control of their surroundings.

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