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Find Supported Device Drivers

Here is an extensive list of device drivers supported on Windows Embedded CE from Microsoft, Windows Embedded Partners and third party manufacturers. The list of supported drivers offers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system developers a large set of Microsoft device drivers that they can rely on.

The Supported Drivers are labeled Product Quality Developed "PQD," "Microsoft Validated," and "Non-Validated."

PQD: Device drivers are developed in house for high quality performance and distributed in-the-box by Microsoft. These drivers are incorporated into the integrated development environment (IDE) so that you can select them when you create a new project.

Microsoft Validated: Third party device drivers submitted through the Windows Embedded CE Validation Program, passed the standard quality performance test by Microsoft, and distributed out-of-the box by third party manufacturers. Learn about Driver Validation and get listed today

Non-Validated: Third party device drivers that were not submitted through the Windows Embedded CE Validation Program but posted on the supported driver list to generate product awareness.

Search drivers by Windows CE version, product category, manufacturer, and driver validation.

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