Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

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One of the nation's largest discount retailers, Family Dollar Stores has strategic business initiatives in place to support its growth objectives. To get those strategies implemented at the store level, Family Dollar needed to revamp its 16,000 checkout lanes and legacy point of service (POS) systems. Toshiba TEC America and Microsoft Corp. partnered with Family Dollar to develop a POS solution designed to improve services, processes and business value. Windows Embedded provided a stable, secure, multitasking operating system and leveraged Family Dollar's existing investments in Microsoft technology. The POS terminal provided access to both centralized and decentralized store applications, enabling higher employee productivity, improved customer service and new revenue streams.

Benefits at a glance

  • Wealth of new data generated by cash registers provides tremendous business value.
  • Improved business intelligence and supply-chain management.
  • Flexibility of new system will add up to $8.5 billion USD in annual gross revenue.

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