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Hannover Medical School, a leading university medical center in Germany, required a new fleet of systems for critical patient facilities, intensive care units and operating rooms. Hannover turned to the Penta Medical Express system running Windows Embedded Standard 7 to meet its industry requirements, including connectivity to a wide range of medical devices and compatibility with thousands of healthcare software applications. The systems also help the school save time, increase productivity and improve data accuracy in managing patient information.

Benefits at a glance

  • Improves accuracy of and access to patient information
  • Industry standards met by Microsoft technology means the system is compatible with existing medical applications
  • Familiar user experience allowed expedited adoption of 200 new systems

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Hannover Medical School, a leading university medical center in Germany with 1,500 hospital beds and 7,000 employees—including 1,200 doctors, 1,400 nurses and 350 scientists—aimed to reduce medical errors, improve data access and storage and boost staff productivity by installing new systems in operating theaters and other areas.

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Hannover Medical School's solution deployed specialized systems connected to vital-sign monitoring, diagnostic equipment and other instruments to expedite care to patients. The systems, built with the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server and Windows Embedded Standard, are critical for processing patient records and hosting images.

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Hannover's solution improved the access and accuracy of patient information, deploying a familiar user experience that allowed for fast widespread adoption of 200 new systems. Because Microsoft technology meets industry standards, the system is compatible with thousands of existing medical applications.

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