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Nakajima USA, a specialty retailer best known for distributing Sanrio 'Hello Kitty' products, wanted to improve the customer shopping experience while keeping tighter control over inventory and ordering for higher profitability. The retailer recently replaced its aging point-of-sale (POS) solution with Retail Anywhere's POS and retail-management system, powered by Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady. Benefits of the new system included a 25 percent decrease in POS operating costs and significant improvements in credit/gift card processing and inventory functions.

Benefits at a glance

  • 25 percent reduction in POS operating cost
  • 30-second increase in debit, credit and gift-card transaction speed
  • Ability to get live view of inventory and order status at store level

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Nakajima USA, a leader in the design, sales and distribution of the world's most popular lifestyle products, including items for Disney, Warner Brothers and Sanrio's Hello Kitty, aimed to cut costs, increase security and improve business insight in more than 40 store locations by replacing its point-of-sale (POS) systems.

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Nakajima increased profitability by replacing legacy point-of-sale systems with an integrated POS and retail-management solution based on Windows Embedded POSReady, Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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Nakajima realized a 25 percent reduction in POS operating costs while increasing transaction speed in debit, credit and gift-card transactions by 30 seconds—all while meeting the PCIDSS (security standard). The new system also allows employees to get live views of inventory and order status at a store level.

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