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Fast Retailing Company, a leading clothing retailer, wanted to improve customer service in its international chain of Uniqlo stores by replacing manual searches for merchandise with an automated solution. Together with Casio Computing Company, Fast Retailing designed and implemented a solution based on the Windows Embedded Handheld platform. As a result, store employees worldwide can use handheld devices to immediately check stocked merchandise and give customers the most current inventory and price information. Employees also benefit from improved workflow and the solution's enhanced usability.

Benefits at a glance

  • Improved system usability and customer satisfaction
  • Faster, more accurate service
  • Improved efficiency through real-time access to inventory, customer orders and sales figures

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Fast Retailing, which operates 960 international clothing stores with 40,000 employees, wanted to improve customer service and business intelligence by automating its corporate inventory system and sales reporting while increasing productivity through improved employee time-management.

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Fast Retailing deployed an integrated handheld solution powered by Windows Embedded Handheld and Microsoft SQL Server for information sharing and reporting.

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Fast Retailing's solution provides improved system usability and greater customer satisfaction with faster, more accurate service. The solution gives employees real-time access to stock checks, customer orders, sales figures, returns, deliveries, inventory, product handbooks and employee timecards.

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