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An iconic car manufacturer, Fiat Group wanted to build on its long history of continuous innovation by offering the most current communication and entertainment technologies in 15 car models, including Fiat and Chrysler. To meet that goal, the company turned to Continental to design an affordable infotainment system within 18 months. Powered by Windows Embedded Automotive, the solution offers multimedia entertainment, integration with the Fiat eco:Drive application, and support for mobile phones, media players, and TomTom satellite navigation. The company projects an increase of up to 40 percent in market penetration by adapting the affordable, high-quality system to multiple brands and models. Fiat has also cut its own deployment time and risk while enhancing driving experience, safety and fuel efficiency.

Benefits at a glance

  • 40 percent increase anticipated in market penetration
  • Development time reduced by 25 percent
  • Enhances driving experience with better connectivity
  • Improves scalability and enables easy upgrades

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