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Great River Health Systems, a regional provider of healthcare, sought a better solution for medication management. To improve efficiency and patient care, its hospital replaced manual processes and upgraded its distribution platform with a connected system from Microsoft and Omnicell based on Windows Embedded. As a result, Great River has reduced delivery time of patient medication from 1.5 hours to 30 minutes, cut $400,000 in inventory costs, and expects rapid ROI and ongoing annual savings of $300,000.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduces medication delivery time from 1.5 hours to 30 minutes
  • Cut pharmacy stocktaking costs by US$400,000
  • ROI in 2 years
  • Annual savings of $300,000
  • Reduces patient readmission costs

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Great River Health Systems, a leading regional healthcare provider with a 378-bed hospital that admits 6,000 patients each year and performs 180,000 outpatient procedures, wanted to improve medication distribution and management without adding employees.

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Implementing a platform from Microsoft and Omnicell that includes Windows Embedded, Windows Server, and Microsoft SQL Server, Great River replaced manual processes with an automated solution that connects medical dispensing equipment with peripheral devices, electronic medical records and billing.

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Great River’s system enhances patient care by speeding delivery of medications, reducing an average 1.5 hour wait down to just 30 minutes. Inventory costs have been cut by $400,000, and an ongoing annual savings of $300,000 is expected.

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