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Lido Stone Works, a custom manufacturer of stone products, wanted a more automated production environment, so it asked Breton, a well-known machinery manufacturer, for help. Lido decided to implement a system from Breton and Microsoft that connects manufacturing equipment with central servers. The solution includes ASEM Ubiquity software based on Windows Embedded. As a result, Lido has increased revenue by 70 percent and productivity by 30 percent, while Breton has cut travel costs by approximately €400,000 (US$524,000) by assisting customers remotely. Most importantly, the solution is helping Lido realize its potential for innovation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Boosts revenue 70% and productivity 30%
  • Saves €400,000 (US$524,000) annually with improved manageability
  • Increase in business results in 67% growth in workforce
  • Better connectivity empowers innovation

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Lido Stone Works, a manufacturer of high-end stone installations for architectural firms worldwide, wanted a more automated production environment so that it could improve efficiency, as well as remote assistance to reduce downtime.

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Teamed with Breton to implement a system that includes Windows Embedded, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Azure, and Microsoft .NET Framework with a remote assistance solution from ASEM that connects equipment and barcode scanners to back-end server infrastructure.

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Since implementing its Windows Embedded solution, Lido has increased revenue by 70 percent and upped productivity by 30 percent. The system also eases the design process, paving the way for more innovation. Lido’s partner, Breton, can now service machinery remotely, cutting travel costs by more than $500,000.

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