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Hilton Reservations & Customer Care needed thin clients for a work-at-home program for room-reservation agents. Wyse V90 thin clients, based on the Windows Embedded Standard family, offered seamless compatibility with Win32-based applications, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, and connectivity with Citrix application delivery software. Confidence in this solution was boosted by the fact that the Hilton IT staff was already familiar with Microsoft tools and systems. At the end of fiscal year 2009, nearly one-third of Hilton's US reservation agents were working from home.

Benefits at a glance

  • Facilitated management of remote agents centrally on the server protects IT infrastructure
  • Enabled a single office to support global agents from diverse language groups
  • Expected $250,000 USD ROI for complete staff of 2,500 agents

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Hilton Hotels Corporation, a leading global hospitality company with more than 3,000 properties totaling more than 500,000 rooms in more than 74 countries, aimed to reduce call-center expenses and improve customer service by implementing a scalable work-at-home program for reservations staff.

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Hilton reservations outfitted more than 650 call-center agents working at home with a solution anchored by a Wyse thin-client device built on Windows Embedded technology, Internet Explorer, a Netgear firewall and Citrix presentation server running on Terminal Services from Windows Server.

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Hilton expects to realize a $250,000 ROI for complete staff of 2,500 agents. The new system facilitates management of remote agents centrally on the server, protecting IT infrastructure, and enabling a single office to support a global network of agents from diverse language groups.

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