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Tommy Hilfiger Japan Corporation wanted to improve efficiency and data security. The company decided to replace stand-alone computers across 170 locations with mobile thin clients running Windows Embedded. The thin clients are connected locally to peripheral devices as well as remotely to the corporate infrastructure. By using a connected system to share information more efficiently, Tommy Hilfiger is enhancing customer service and brand identity, strengthening security, improving manageability and cutting costs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Cuts maintenance costs by one-third
  • Improves manageability across 170 locations
  • Strengthens security of corporate information
  • Enhances customer service and brand identity

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Tommy Hilfiger Japan Corporation is a subsidiary of the Tommy Hilfiger Group, a retailer of high-end clothing and lifestyle products with annual revenue of US$4.6 billion. Tommy Hilfiger Japan wanted to improve security, manageability and efficiency by connecting mobile thin clients in 170 stores to a corporate network.

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Implemented a system based on Windows Embedded Standard, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Hyper-V, and Active Directory Domain Services that connects touchscreen tablets to barcode scanners and virtualised desktops that display prices, inventory data and multimedia.

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Tommy Hilfiger Japan’s solution improves both efficiency and data security. By connecting mobile thin clients to peripheral devices and to a backend data center, information is shared more efficiently, enhancing customer service, cutting costs, and improving manageability and security.

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