Windows Embedded Compact (CE) Shared Source Program

Speed your development, reduce your troubleshooting and code debugging time, and receive assistance in remote device support. With the Windows CE Shared Source Licensing Program, use and slightly modify existing code to meet new hardware requirements or use that code to develop a driver for a new piece of hardware.

The Windows CE Shared Source Licensing Program allows you to modify the OS code for your device while maintaining control over your intellectual property. Shared source code is available at no cost in any version of Windows CE Platform Builder.
  • Free Source Code Access
    Access more than 3.9 million lines of Windows CE source code, including key components such as 100% of the Kernal, supporting 32,000 processes with 2GB of addressable memory.
  • Innovation
    Create and distribute commercial derivatives of the Windows Embedded CE source code without notifying Microsoft or sharing the derivative work with the embedded community. A valid Windows Embedded CE runtime license must be purchased for each Windows Embedded CE derivative work prior to distribution.
  • Collaboration
    Collaborate with other developers in non-commercial endeavors, such as academic and research projects, as well as in individual development efforts. Get involved in CodePlex Projects, and the Open Source Community
  • Improved File System
    Source access can help improve the file system to meet the hardware requirements and performance needs of devices.
  • Development Debugging
    Quickly and thoroughly rectify and protect against viruses and other hazards. The Device Driver Manager is an essential debugging tool when building a new Windows Embedded CE platform and during driver development.
  • Support and Troubleshooting
    Troubleshoot and remedy deployed Windows CE systems with ease.
  • Feedback
    Readily support your embedded designs.
  • Fulfillment
    Install the Windows CE source code during the setup process – it’s available for installation with any version of Windows CE. You must electronically accept the terms and conditions of the shared source licensing agreement before you can install the source code.