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With proven solutions for retail, health, manufacturing and automotive, Microsoft can help enterprises capitalize on the Internet of Things by creating customized intelligent system solutions that meet unique business needs.

Integrated Intelligence

Harness the Internet of Your Things by leveraging a rich, Microsoft-based intelligent system solution for your business. Gather and analyze data, make critical information available where and when it’s needed, and automate manual processes. Our platforms and services enable interoperability with industry standards and with Microsoft technologies, allowing you to connect industry devices with your existing IT infrastructures and current Windows environment—all on a single platform. With access to a worldwide network of proven partners, you can deploy and manage a flexible solution tailored specifically to meet the unique challenges of your industry.

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Microsoft industry solutions

Gain competitive advantage through the powerful business intelligence and enhanced efficiencies of an industry solution built on Microsoft technologies. Our industry-focused solutions span the entire suite of enterprise tools and technologies, powering innovation and achievement, driven by Microsoft’s vision for the retail, hospitality, health, manufacturing and automotive industries, and global CityNext initiative. You’ll harness a single trusted platform to gather data and serve it up securely and industry-compliant through engaging applications that drive real-time analysis and action. Help your enterprise achieve maximum IT impact today—and prepare for a successful future.

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