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Manufacturing is fueled by big data, and intelligent systems have the potential to transform the industry. Watch this video to see how Microsoft is providing the technology, strategic leadership and partner ecosystem that are driving innovation.

Manufacturing solutions from Microsoft

For more than a decade, Microsoft technologies have been transforming the manufacturing industry; now, the Internet of Things is poised to be the next game changer for the industry, giving companies the tools and insights to transform their business.

While billions of things can be connected, where should you start? The Internet of Things starts with your things. You don’t need to rip and replace; you can create the Internet of Your Things by building on your existing infrastructure, using familiar devices and services in new ways, and combining the data you are already collecting to ultimately help you make better-informed business decisions.

Capitalizing on the potential of the Internet of Things in manufacturing includes a strategy to use an intelligent systems platform. Intelligent systems provide the backbone of technology that enables the capture of manufacturing data from industry devices, connectivity for data capture and business intelligence tools to transform that data into impact.

For more than a decade, Microsoft technologies have been transforming the manufacturing industry, creating intelligent systems that revolutionize productivity, increase efficiency and drive higher profits for industrial automation, oil and gas, high-technology and electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical and utility systems. By monitoring equipment performance in real time, instantly and securely, an intelligent system can provide greater ability to control costs, reduce down time and more effectively manage operations. By analyzing data from sales information, an intelligent system can help sales forces drive competitive pricing proposals based on market, competitor and customer conditions. And with industry devices delivering actionable data, and a natural user interface to help workers make sense of it all, intelligent systems based on Windows Embedded are providing manufacturers with insight that would otherwise remain out of reach—around the plant floor and around the world.

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