Kahoku-shi, Ishikawa, Japan

Company Overview

Imaging - Interests are rising for the integrated management of hardcopy and electronic documents as the e-Document Act and the Personal Information Protection Act have been implemented and the Japanese version of the SOX Act is being examined for legislation. With the world's top-share document scanners (fi Series) at the core, PFU supports you in converting hardcopy documents into electronic form by providing imaging technologies, software, and the TimeStamp Service that increases the integrity of documents. ProDeS - The ProDeS development and production services deliver the benefits of our total capabilities to you. As an IT vendor, PFU has accumulated skills in Operating Systems, drivers, CPUs, layouts/structural designs, networking, radio and thermal analysis. In answer to your needs and specifications, we quickly develop information KIOSK terminals, controllers for professional use, embedded PCs, compact CPU modules, motherboards, and more.

Product Expertise

  • Windows Embedded Compact & CE
  • Windows Embedded Enterprise
  • Windows Embedded POSReady & WEPOS
  • Windows Embedded Server
  • Windows Embedded Standard & XPe

Supported Devices

  • Automation
  • Kiosk

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