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As part of our commitment to work with you every step of the way, Microsoft and its partners extend support and services to optimize the performance of your intelligent system. Microsoft’s support lifecycle policy provides consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability when a product releases and throughout that product’s life. Our support policy establishes guidelines for the term during which Microsoft will provide automatic fixes, updates and online technical assistance.

Fifteen years of product availability, ten years of support, no-cost security updates, and premier account management are key advantages of choosing the Microsoft platform.

If you own a device or solution developed with Windows Embedded software, please contact the respective manufacturer for support.

Road map for intelligent systems

With Windows Embedded 8, Microsoft extends Windows 8 to intelligent systems, creating the next wave of enterprise tools and technology. The release schedule includes the Windows Embedded 8 family of device operating systems, each with a distinct feature set that includes the building blocks for an intelligent system across hardware, software and services.

  • In market

March 2013

Windows Embedded 8


Windows Embedded 8


April 2013

Windows Embedded 8


June 2013

Windows Embedded
Compact 2013


October 2013

Windows Embedded 8.1


Windows Embedded 8.1


November 2013

Windows Server 2012 R2 for Embedded Systems


April 2014

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 for Embedded Systems


Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld


Windows Embedded support options

Sustained EngineeringIncident SupportPremier SupportSupport Partners

Microsoft Sustained Engineering maintains Windows Embedded products after release with ongoing software updates. These include product changes and enhancements (QFEs and Hotfixes) to provide new and exciting improvements to complement your development, as well as security updates help keep your Windows Embedded device current against the latest malware and other threats.

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Get troubleshooting assistance when you need it. Help and support is available by e-mail, Internet, or phone. Microsoft’s Product Support Services (PSS) will work with you to troubleshoot your problem. You are entitled to two free incidents without charge during your 10 years of support. Incidents beyond your first two are charged at $499/incident for phone support.

Use the following Incident Support Numbers to contact a Windows Embedded specialist:

  • Developer Support 1(800) 936-5800
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer Support 1(800) 936-2197
  • Partners (resellers/consultants) (888) 456-5570
  • System Builders (888) 456-5570
  • Outside of the United States, you can find the phone number for Microsoft support in your country at

Learn more about Incident Support, including which type of support is best for your issue, how to submit an e-mail or Internet request, and the information you’ll need no matter what type of request.

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Resolve issues quickly through a direct relationship with a Microsoft expert. Subscribing to Microsoft’s Account Management program provides 24/7 problem resolution support and a designated point of contact Technical Account Manager (TAM). Your TAM also provides preventative support to help identify and address potential problems before they occur.

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Access more than 500 Microsoft Partners through Microsoft’s extensive Partnership network. Partners can provide technical expertise for all phases of the development cycle and qualify for different levels of partnership through proven excellence in building, delivering and enabling Windows Embedded-powered solutions. Engineering services include development, deployment, integration, software customization and support using Windows Embedded products, technologies and services.

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Microsoft's 10-year product lifecycle support policy

Microsoft’s support lifecycle policy provides consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability when a product releases and throughout that product’s life. The lifecycle begins when a product is released and ends when it's no longer supported or sold. End of support refers to the date when Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates or online technical assistance. End of the license refers to the date when a particular version of Windows Embedded is no longer shipped.

Learn how Microsoft’s lifecycle support policy supports Windows Embedded products

Lifecycle and support schedule

This schedule outlines the general availability dates for products; the end-of-license dates, upon which all license rights to a product expire (for use, installation or distribution, by Microsoft or our Embedded OEM partners); and the date on which support for a product ends (see above for more details). To purchase licensing, contact a Microsoft Authorized Windows Embedded Distributor.

Product NameGeneral AvailabilityEnd of SupportEnd of License
Windows Server 2012 R2 for Embedded SystemsNovember 1, 2013January 10, 2023June 30, 2027
Windows Embedded 8.1 IndustryOctober 17, 2013July 11, 2023April 30, 2028
Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro October 17, 2013July 11, 2023March 31, 2028
Windows Embedded Compact 2013June 13, 2013October 10, 2023May 31, 2028
Windows Embedded 8 IndustryApril 2, 2013July 11, 2023April 30, 2028
Windows Embedded 8 StandardMarch 20, 2013July 11, 2023March 30, 2028
Windows Embedded 8 ProMarch 20, 2013July 11, 2023March 31, 2028
Windows Server 2012 for Embedded SystemsOctober 30, 2012January 10, 2023June 30, 2027
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for Embedded SystemsMay 20, 2012July 12, 2022March 31, 2027
Windows Embedded Automotive 7March 1, 2011March 1, 2021February 28, 2026
Windows Embedded Compact 7March 1, 2011April 13, 2021February 28, 2026
Windows Embedded POSReady 7July 1, 2011October 12, 2021September 10, 2026
Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011April 1,2011January 9, 2018April 1, 2016
Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5December 17, 2010January 14, 2020April 30, 2022
Windows Embedded Standard 7July 27, 2010October 13, 2020July 27, 2025
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 for Embedded SystemsJuly 20, 2010July 9, 2019July 9, 2024
Windows 7 Professional for Embedded SystemsOctober 22, 2009January 14, 2020September 30, 2024
Windows 7 Ultimate for Embedded SystemsOctober 22, 2009January 14, 2020September 30, 2024
Windows Embedded POSReady 2009December 9, 2008April 9, 2019February 11, 2024
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for Embedded SystemsNovember 6. 2008July 9, 2019July 9, 2024
Windows Embedded Standard 2009October 7, 2008January 8, 2019January 8, 2024
Windows Server 2008 for Embedded SystemsMay 6, 2008January 14, 2020May 6, 2023
Windows Server 2008 R2 for Embedded SystemsFebruary 6, 2008January 14, 2020February 6,2023
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Operating System (Toolkit and Runtime), all versionsNovember 1, 2006April 10, 2018February 28, 2022
Windows Server 2003 R2 for Embedded SystemsMarch 5, 2006July 14, 2015May 28, 2018
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for Embedded SystemsJanuary 14, 2006April 12, 2016April 1, 2021
Windows Automotive 5.0August 8, 2005August 8, 2015August 31, 2020
Windows Embedded for Point of Service 1.x, all versionsMay 24, 2005April 12, 2016May 24, 2020
Windows CE 5.0August 31, 2004October 14, 2014August 31, 2019
Windows Automotive 4.2June 1, 2003June 1, 2013June 1, 2018
Windows CE .NET 4.2June 1, 2003July 9, 2013June 1, 2018
Windows Server 2003 for Embedded SystemsMay 28, 2003July 14, 2015May 28, 2018
Windows CE .NET 4.1October 29, 2002January 8, 2013October 29, 2017
Windows CE .NET 4.0April 1, 2002July 10, 2012April 1, 2017
Windows XP Embedded (Toolkit and Runtime), all versionsJanuary 30, 2002January 12, 2016January 30, 2017
Windows XP Professional for Embedded SystemsDecember 31, 2001April 8, 2014December 31, 2016
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for Embedded SystemsNovember 30, 2000April 9, 2013November 30, 2015
Windows CE 3.0July 30, 2000October 9, 2007July 30, 2015
Windows 2000 Server for Embedded SystemsMarch 31, 2000July 13, 2010March 31, 2015
Windows 2000 Professional for Embedded SystemsMarch 31, 2000July 13, 2010March 31, 2015
Windows NT Embedded 4.0August 30, 1999July 11, 2006August 31, 2014

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