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The Windows Embedded family of operating systems and tools extends the power of Windows and Microsoft technologies, allowing you to create powerful, connected, industry devices and intelligent systems that can transform your business. Our portfolio of products powers solutions that meet unique industry needs and span enterprises of any size and complexity. Here’s how to get started building your Windows Embedded-powered intelligent system.

      For Enterprises

      Windows Embedded’s portfolio of products provides one trusted platform to gather, store and process your organization’s data, creating actionable business intelligence and tangible business outcomes from devices on the edge of your network, to backend systems and services. Tap into our worldwide network of Microsoft partners to help you find the right device or create an end-to-end solution that meets your business needs. Find a Windows Embedded Partner now, or click here to learn more about Windows Embedded 8 Volume Licensing offerings just for the enterprise.

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      For OEMs

      Realize simplified implementation, greater management and better support with the Windows Embedded intelligent system solutions. Microsoft’s suite of products makes it possible for device manufacturers and developers to create solutions that span devices, through the network and into the cloud or corporate data center by harnessing the full breadth of Microsoft technologies.

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