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BBC's Mobility Solution replaces Paper-based systems

Motorola MC70

Capita Business Services run the majority of the administration and collection of TV Licensing, including the field force of Enquiry Officers for the BBC.  Capita deployed Blackbay mobile worker software on Motorola MC70 handheld devices as a key component of an enterprise mobility solution to enhance the service it delivers to the BBC.  The mobile data capture technology has also enabled Capita to benefit from tangible return on investment (ROI), including the elimination of one tonne of paper per week from its operation.

Capita wanted the mobility solution to deliver real-time visibility of its field operations staff, cut the high level of manual processes they had to carry out, replace the existing paper based system to help improve staff self efficiency, increase manager efficiency and reduce back office workload and costs.

The self sufficiency of Capita’s TV Licensing field staff has increased through the automatic removal of cancelled visits from their schedules and the ability to query the license status of a property directly with the central database. 

Manager efficiency has been increased through automated reporting for teams and officers and the real-time visibility of Capita’s TV Licensing field staff allows managers to balance work load by re-assigning visits as appropriate.

"We can now produce reports around visits made and the resulting actions which have improved our ability to meet our service level agreements (SLA's) with the BBC," added Colin Jones, Capita's TV Licensing Field Operations Director. "From a financial perspective, the solution has had a positive impact on the cost of the field force. The impact on the environment has been positive as the reduction of the usage of paper in the system has led to us eliminating the use of over one tonne of paper per week."


An 80% reduction in the number of calls to the support team to check address/license enquiries has helped to cut back office workload and costs with less data input having to be carried out.  Previously the call centre was handling between 25,000 and 30,000 calls per month; this has now decreased to 4,000 to 5,000 calls per month.

Capita have also been able to make a positive impact on the environment with the reduction of over 1 tonne of paper per week.

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