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Case Studies
Thin Clients
Chip PC decreases college energy consumption by 50% >
Warrington Borough Council goes green >
Optimizing server energy efficiency >
Enabling Green IT with Windows Embedded Thin Clients >
Enterprise Mobility
Mobile technology reduces fuel consumption >
Mobility solution replaces paper-based systems >
Drive Assist cuts out paper process with TaskMaster >
Rayonnance mobile solution reduces paperwork >
Home and Infrastructure Energy Automation
Building retrofit reduces energy consumption by 20% >
Monitoring real-time energy consumption >
Connecting heating, electricity, and IT systems >
Freescale speeds time to market for smart grids >
Guaranteeing compliance in energy supply systems >
Retail Device and Point of Service
Power sytems to improve battery life >
Sustainable Infrastructure
Controller makes offshore wind power reliable >
Controls help environment and improve safety >

Freescale Speeds Time to Market for Smart Grids

The Home Energy Gateway (HEG) reference platform developed by Freescale, Microsoft and Windows Embedded partners like Adeneo Embedded and Bewise, is targeted to original equipment manufacturers and utilities developing value-add services, in support of the smart grid, to home owners.

"Adeneo Embedded is proud of its close collaboration with Freescale and Microsoft for the support and maintenance of the HEG platform,” said Yannick Chammings, CEO of Adeneo Embedded. “With our expertise on Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Silverlight for Windows Embedded technologies combined with in-depth knowledge on Freescale i.MX architecture, we want to impact significantly development efficiency of smart home energy management solutions by our customers.".

Adeneo Embedded

Based on a powerful, cost effective and power-efficient i.MX28 ARM based SoC, the platform runs Windows Embedded Compact 7, includes features to support services such as collecting power consumption data from various sources, controlling activation and deactivation of Home Area Network (HAN) appliances, generating dashboards to provide feedback about power usage, providing control menus to control appliances and supporting a ubiquitous link to the WAN for remote control/readout.

The HEG platform provides network-enabled monitoring and control of building energy use and consumption, through an elegant and easy-to-use, touch-enabled, Microsoft Silverlight-powered, wireless remote user interface.

The HEG platform, available through Adeneo Embedded, comes with a streamlined set of tools alleviating the burden associated to the development of connected, immersive and intelligent in-home devices.

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