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Conformity Explorer® enables a secure + cost-reducing power supply network

Conformity Explorer

Developed by HILF! GmbH, Munich, the Conformity Explorer is a comprehensive modular, distributed, network-oriented and service-based (SOA) system based on Windows Embedded Standard 7 .NET 4.0 and IIS.

Manufacturers, converters, and consumers can use it at any node of every energy supply systems (with any operation media like electrical energy, gas, thermal environment, etc.) for data acquisition, locally as well as globally distributed assessment and validation of conformity and compatibility.

Benefits include:

  • Clustering of services enables a flexible and efficient adaption to the infrastructure of the customer
  • Offers the supervising control of variance analysis preferred for energetic media, adapted to information from different structures or hierarchies
  • Automatic adjustment of detected deviations of variance analysis for energy supply systems, typically for the medium current by controlled supervising of a harmonic filter or a tap changer of a transformer, etc.
  • Self-sustaining detection and/or supporting active filters at critical energy supply situations, like resonances, escalating or filter wake-up to counteract
  • Defensive actions against the knock-out-syndrome
  • Option of Load, Resource and Power Quality Management

For more information, please contact Hilf! GmbH. Contact details can be found at:

"Using the the Conformity Explorer we are securing the legal and normative settled conformity and compliance of operation media, such as electrical energy, of our industrial processes. At the same time we are able to develop associate possibilities of optimizing costs, to take action early enough to prevent process failures and to ensure our product quality.".

Dr. Helge Schäfer,
Branch Manager,
Kleinknecht, Ilmenau

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