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Windows Storage Server 2008

Why Windows Storage Server 2008?

The amount of data supported within the organization continues to grow every year. Regulatory requirements, archival demands and data availability push storage requirements to their limits. As the datacenter grows, so does power consumption, physical space requirements and the need for improved hardware to handle the massive volume of data. Administrators need more than just raw storage capacity, but to implement the storage techniques and strategies that help them prioritize data and provide a standard of service. Storage demands will continue to grow and a storage solution is needed that can grow with the demand. Windows Storage Server 2008 can enable your organization to optimize your datacenter storage requirements.

Windows Storage Server 2008

Windows Storage Server 2008

Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 is built upon an optimized release of the reliable and flexible file services of Windows Server 2008 for better file serving performance. Microsoft then adds advanced storage technologies such as file de-duplication and an iSCSI software target for unified file- and block-based storage and packages it for delivery within storage appliances. Similarly, Microsoft partners then offer specialized hardware and introduce additional software components to create WSS08-based appliances. Windows-powered storage appliances give customers new storage capabilities, simplified deployment and easier management while assuring seamless synergy in their Windows infrastructure in a cost-effective and high-performance platform, and is delivered through our OEM Partners.

To find out more about Specialized Server Solutions and How to become an OEM Partner, please click here.

Built upon Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 (WSS08) provides file services that are built upon the reliable and flexible file services within Windows Server 2008. WSS 08 provides a solid mid-market to enterprise file serving solution with easy manageability and powerful file serving features on a mature base platform and using industry standard hardware. WSS08 is optimized from WS08 for performance in the file serving role, as well as by the hardware partner from basic server configurations - but maintains compatibility with other Windows management tools from Microsoft and third-party Windows solutions.

Advanced Storage Technologies

Windows Storage Server 2008 extends the basic functionality of a file server providing advanced technologies including file & block storage with iSCSI and data deduplication capabilities withSIS. These extended functionalities are designed to be easy-to-use and function transparently to the users of the organizations file infrastructure and require very little maintenance.

Simplified Deployment & Management

Windows Storage Server 2008 is deployed in an appliance form-factor which means hardware and software requirements are pre-configured vastly simplifying the deployment tasks normally associated with a new file server. The appliance form-factor also greatly reduces the required amount of time to deploy removing many management tasks and minimizing the impact of deployment on the organizations file infrastructure. Click here to find a list of Windows Storage Server 2008 OEM Partners.

How Is Windows Storage Server 2008 Sold

Windows Storage Server is an OEM-only product, which means Microsoft partners with OEMs to sell an appliance solution. Please click here to view OEM partners with a Windows Storage Server-based solution and how to buy.

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The Windows Server storage solutions have matured with every version of the operating system. With Windows Server 2008, management improvements and performance optimizations combine to make the storage subsystem the most advanced to date. Expand any section below to learn more about File and Storage enhancements.