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Clustering Failover

Perguntas Frequentes sobre o Programa de Configuração de Cluster de Failover (FCCP)

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Q.  Is this a new logo program?

Q.  Which versions of Windows will this program support?

Q.  Will this program list Windows Server 2003 Cluster solutions?

Q.  Why not continue with the Cluster Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)?

Q.  Will the new program list individual components the way the Cluster HCL did?

Q.  Will the Failover Cluster Configuration Program eventually replace the Cluster HCL?

Q.  How will I know which vendor is part of the Clustering Failover Configuration Program?

Q.  Vendors list multiple solutions. How do I know which configuration is tested and validated to work?

Q.  What if I purchase a configuration from a vendor and the solution does not work? Who is the point of contact?

Q.  Can any vendor join?

Q.  Is there a services component?

Q.  Where can I find the list of configurations?

Q.  Will I be able to find the Failover Cluster Configuration Program configurations in the Windows Catalog?

Q.  Who will be updating the configurations?

Q.  Who will support my configuration?

Q.  How will Microsoft validate that the partner-listed configurations work and have passed the "Validate" tests?