Windows Server® 2008 for Embedded Systems, with its new security, management and virtualization technologies, is a robust, secure, and reliable foundation on which to develop, build and deliver dedicated and specialized servers and server appliances. Windows Server 2008 for Embedded Systems is based on the same software as the general purpose versions of Windows Server 2008 and only differs from general purpose Windows Server 2008 exclusively in the licensing provisions. OEMs license the software for use in dedicated server environments at a reduced royalty rate relative to general purpose server and with licensing terms applicable to the embedded market.

Windows Server 2008 for Embedded Systems, with its smaller footprint, new virtualization technology for building multi-function appliances, new management and security technologies and lower acquisition costs, is a robust, secure, and reliable Windows Server operating system on which to develop and deliver best-of-breed dedicated solutions and appliances.

Windows Server 2008 has made enhancements in the following areas:

Smaller Footprint - Server Core

  Windows Server 2008 for Embedded Systems enables you to build smaller footprint, dedicated server appliances by allowing you to install only the roles and features you need. This smaller footprint via the new features of Server Core and Role-based Installation simplifies ongoing maintenance by reducing the need for software updates and minimizing the attack surface area. Server Core is a new installation option for selected server roles (Virtualization, Read-Only Domain Controller, ADAM, DNS, WINS, DHCP, IIS, File and Print Server) that does not include a graphical user interface and non-related features and services. Because Server Core installations include only what is required for the designated roles, it provides a highly available server that requires fewer updates and less servicing.

Smaller Footprint - Role-Based Installation

  Relative to previous versions of Windows Servers, Windows Server 2008 for Embedded Systems installs only the components you need for a particular server role. This role-based installation simplifies ongoing maintenance by minimizing the attack surface area and reducing the need for software updates thereby reducing the costs of deploying and managing Windows Server as a dedicated server solution. The benefit of role-based installation feature in Windows Server 2008 occurs whether or not one chooses to use Server Core.

Virtualization: Hyper-V™

  Microsoft Hyper-V™ is the new hypervisor-based virtualization technology included as part of Windows Server 2008 Embedded at no additional cost. With its built-in server virtualization technology, Windows Server 2008 Embedded enables OEMs to increase hardware utilization and more easily build multi-function server appliances. OEMs can run new and legacy functionality side-by-side on the same hardware while ensuring workload isolation. Hyper-V also allows OEMs to run Windows and Linux on the same server appliance hardware.

Security - BitLocker

  BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature that consists of both drive encryption and integrity checking to ensure that an encrypted drive is located in the original computer. BitLocker provides a seamless and easily manageable data protection solution that addresses the very real threats of data theft or disclosure from lost, stolen or inappropriately decommissioned hardware.

Security - Read-Only Domain Controller

  Active Directory services provide organizations centralized management and network access of users, computers and network resources. To better protect against server theft or compromise, the Read-Only Domain Controller in Windows Server 2008 for Embedded Systems allows dedicated servers and appliances to use Active Directory while restricting replication of the full Active Directory database. Read-only Domain Controllers are ideally suited for scenarios such as branch office locations where network access is critical but the physical security of the appliance cannot be guaranteed.

Manageability - PowerShell

  Windows PowerShell enables administrators to more easily control and safely automate routine system administration tasks, via a new admin-focused command line shell and scripting language. Windows PowerShell accelerates automation of system administration tasks by providing a consistent syntax and useful utilities and it allows remote management of Windows Server via WMI and WS-Management protocols. Windows PowerShell’s easy-to-use command line shell and over 100 command line tools are particularly useful for managing Server Core and headless dedicated server appliances.
Note: Previous versions of Windows Server for Embedded Systems, including Windows Server 2003 for Embedded Systems, are also available for license. Please contact a Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor for details.