Windows Server® 2008 R2 for Embedded Systems Essentials (Windows Server Essentials) is a new SKU ideal for dedicated server solutions that provide networking or security services. Windows Server Essentials replaces Windows Server 2003 for Embedded Systems with Server Appliance Software.

Windows Server Essentials is a lower cost offering than Windows Server 2008 for Embedded Systems because the licensing restricts server functionality to specific scenarios that typically do not involve providing services to end-users (e.g., file services, print services, writeable domain controllers, etc.). Examples of dedicated server functionality that would be appropriate for Windows Server Essentials include an anti-virus server, e-mail filtering server, network traffic monitoring server, or custom embedded-server applications that do not provide end-user services. Because services are not provided to end-users, Windows Server Essentials does not require the purchase of client-access licenses for the server functionality.

Like all Windows Server 2008 for Embedded Systems offerings, Windows Server Essentials is based on the same core software as the general purpose versions of Windows Server 2008 and comes in both standard and enterprise SKUs. OEMs that use Windows Server Essentials can build dedicated server appliances that leverage the smaller footprint of Windows Server 2008, new Hyper-V™ virtualization technology, and new management and security technologies such as Windows® PowerShell and BitLocker®.

Note: Previous versions of Windows Server for Embedded Systems, including Windows Server 2003 for Embedded Systems, are also available for license. Please contact a
Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor for details.