Windows Embedded Products: Better together


.From the manufacturing floor to the retail point of sale, no matter what business you are in, you depend on certain systems to run your business. Computer software is increasingly playing a mission-critical role. The operating system is the cornerstone of IT configurations, and mission-critical technology relies on it. As such, it is the last thing you should have to worry about.

Since 1996, Microsoft has expanded into a full line of Windows® Embedded Products, enabling developers to build next-generation 32-bit devices with a range of products that provide toolsets and development platforms for small to large device footprints.

Thousands of connected embedded devices have been built on Windows Embedded platforms, from portable ultrasound machines to GPS devices and from ATMs to devices that power large construction machinery. With comprehensive features, easy-to-use and familiar Microsoft development tools, free evaluation kits and access to a large network of community support, working with Windows Embedded Products helps yield faster time to market for your devices and decreased development costs.

Windows Embedded is a high performance and reliable platform used by innovative OEMs to deliver devices that stand out through rich user experiences and a seamless connection to the world of Windows software products.

Windows Embedded Server Products consists of dedicated, function-specific server software that provide exceptional reliability and performance, and can reduce the complexity and cost across a wide range of vertical market solutions.

Together, Windows Embedded platforms and technologies and Windows Embedded Server products offer an end-to-end solution for device manufacturers in vertical markets such as: retail, manufacturing, telephony and surveillance.

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Vertical Solutions