Microsoft provides a clearly defined licensing process, product information, tools, and resources to ensure greater productivity and faster time–to–market for OEMs and developers building dedicated server and server appliance solutions based on Windows® Embedded Server products.

Licensing Overview
Windows Embedded Server products are available for use in dedicated and specialized server and server appliances by licensed OEMs only. Windows Embedded Server products can be licensed through Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributors and, in certain high-volume cases, directly from Microsoft. To obtain a courtesy copy of the licensing provisions for the products summarized in this guide, request one from your Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor. Search for your Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor.

Windows Embedded Server Product Components
It is helpful to understand the basic software components of a dedicated server or server appliance solution running Windows Embedded Server products. The following provides a useful outline and helps distinguish available options and opportunities for OEMs to build unique solutions running Windows Embedded Server products.

Typical OEM Product Development and Licensing Steps:

  1. Evaluate Windows Embedded Server products software
  2. Prepare prototype and test proof of concept
  3. Contact your Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor to determine which product to use and request OEM licensing terms for review
  4. Sign the OEM licensing terms, return to the Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor, and request appropriate Windows Embedded Server product OPK
  5. Design, develop, and test server prototype and install the selected Windows Embedded Server products and embedded application (if applicable)
  6. Lock down the operating system for fixed function use (if applicable)
  7. Prepare and clone final image for manufacture
  8. Perform QA & Test systems
  9. Activate the Windows Embedded Server operating system using the Windows Product Activation (WPA) method or System Lock Preinstallation (SLP), as applicable
  10. Ship each system in accordance with the OEM licensing terms
  11. Work with your Microsoft Account Manager to begin marketing and selling Windows Embedded Server
    based solutions