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      Microsoft Readiness App V7 (32bit).zip

      Microsoft Readiness App V7.0 (64bit).zip

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      5.6 MB

      5.6 MB

        If you are a Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partner or Distributor, this is what you have been waiting for…a new, improved and interesting way to find key operational training and communications!! The Microsoft Readiness app is the best way to easily find operational information in getting you ready for a program, policy, process and tool change or launch – all from a single location. Find out how a change will impact your business by viewing the latest readiness information such as launch training, Ops Comms, Ops Academy, roadmaps and New Employee Starter guides to name but a few! All optimized for touch: providing fast, hands-on access to readiness information through your fingertips…. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Features include: Simplification: Information displayed is tailored for you, based on your partner type and your region Ease of use: Aggregation of content relevant for a launch in a single location Real time information: Latest materials become available directly within the app Self-serve: View materials such as training where you want, when you want 24x7x365 Overhauled security & access control system make it super-easy to get access, no more invitation emails or codes involved – it’s as simple as login and follow the instructions – for any scenario! A totally redesigned intuitive user interface making new information jump out dramatically improving ease of use and navigation Available for offline access for when you are out of the office without Internet connectivity Fully localized experience in 11 supported languages ******************************************************************************************************************************************** While Windows 8.1 is the best possible experience for a Microsoft Readiness app user. We want to provide the best experience possible for other Windows systems and we are commited to delivering it. In this latest release of the Microsoft Readiness App, we continue to add more exciting new features into this invaluable Partner Tool; including enhanced UI localisation, certification tracking enhancements and content quality improvements. Learn what's in the exciting release of Version 7 of the Microsoft Readiness App. Download right now!
    • Awọn Ohun Elo Isẹ-sişe ti a Gbarukuti:

      Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

        Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows Vista Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 3. Recommended Minimum: Pentium 1 GHz or higher with 512 MB RAM or more Minimum disk space: 500 MB
      • 1. Make sure that your computer has the latest Windows service pack and critical updates. To find security updates, visit Windows Update. 2.On this page, locate the Download button and then click it to start the download. 3.To start the installation immediately, click Run. 4.To save the download to your computer so that you can install it later, click Save. 5.To cancel the installation, click Cancel. 6.Unzip the downloaded file applicable for your 32-bit or 64-bit system. 7.In the extracted folder, double click on either Microsoft Readiness App V7.0 (32Bit).msi or Microsoft Readiness App V7.0 (64Bit).msi file and follow wizard to install.
    • Afinku Alaye
        Access is by approval only for security reasons. Following installation of the Microsoft Readiness App and login using your Microsoft Account (formerly Windows Live ID) credentials, if you are a first-time user, a short access request form is required to be completed. This will be received by the Primary Operational Point of Contact in your organization and also the Microsoft Readiness App team for review. Upon validation of the details submitted, your request will be subsequently approved or denied - confirmation of same will be sent by email. If you are already an existing user of the Readiness App, updating to later versions will have no impact on your current access! Simply install the latest version, and login using your Microsoft Account (formerly Windows Live ID) to continue to enjoy operational readiness materials from Microsoft. Subsequent access requests from other users in your organization will be reviewed for approval by this Primary Operational Point of Contact. This can be achieved within the application. Should you not know the Primary Operational Point of Contact in your organization to Microsoft, you may request access from them upon signing in, by entering the Public Customer Number (PCN) ID for your organization. Require support? Please log a query via the Call Logging Tool on MSOps at or Please follow the standard CLT process closely to ensure that any issues or queries that you may have are resolved as quickly as possible. In the event of CLT being unavailable, please send an email to Questions or comments about the app can be directed to Microsoft at the email address

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