Oklahoma City Thunder Uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Score with Season Ticket Holders

In 2008, Oklahoma City began building an NBA franchise from the ground up. To generate and maintain fan loyalty, the Oklahoma City Thunder strove to create an experience that went beyond just having a great basketball team. The team deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help personalize the fan experience and manage all aspects of guest satisfaction. This focus has paid off. According to the team’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), a system that helps businesses measure customer satisfaction, the Thunder has an NPS of 91.2 percent — more than twice as high as the NBA average. “Microsoft in general is the pinnacle of the software world,” says Scott Loft, Vice President, Ticket Sales, Retention and Database Operations for the Thunder. Describing the team’s CRM solution, Loft adds, “We just felt that over time we would be able to customize it and make it into the solution that we needed.”

客户规模: Medium Organization
行业: Amusement/Gambling/Recreation/ Perf Arts/ Spectator Sports
国家或地区: United States
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011