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Estimated Annual Sales $ This identifies estimated annual sales.
Cost of Goods Sold $ This identifies cost of goods sold.
Gross Profit $ This identifies gross profit.  Formula=estimated annual sales-cost of goods sold
Expenses $ This identifies expenses.
Net Profit $ This identifies net profit.  Formula=gross profit-expenses
Average Inventory
Estimated Inventory Value $ This identifies estimated inventory value.
Estimated Inventory Turns Per Year This identifies estimated inventory turns per year.  Formula=+cost of goods sold/estimated inventory value
With my current inventory management, I usually overstock by % Retailers without an automated inventory management system tend to stock more inventory than needed. This can amount to 20-40% of a store's inventory. RMS lets you set the optimal stocking level for each item and suggests re-ordering only as necessary. Effective inventory control helps free up money in overstock that you can use for other purposes.
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