Flight Simulator X Trial Version 

Download the Flight Simulator X trial version which includes two airports, two missions, and three different aircraft. All of the missions take place at St. Martin (Sint Maarten) in the Caribbean.

Flour Power
This mission has you behind the controls of an ultralight trike. The object of the mission is to drop sacks of flour attached to your ultralight onto various objects and targets scattered throughout the area surrounding St. Maarten. You'll be scored on both speed and accuracy.

Caribbean Landing
This mission sets you up  to land a Bombardier CRJ700 at Princess Juliana airport. You'll need to follow the advice of your copilot to land successfully.


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817MB Download  
   Spanish 819MB Download  
   French 818MB Download  
   German 820MB Download  
   Italian 819MB Download  
   Polish 816MB Download  

Flour Power
Caribbean Landing