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Develop your skills and find that dream job

Start your Microsoft Dynamics 365 career with 365 Talent Portal

Are you a professional who has exposure to business applications (ERP or CRM)? Would you like to transform your career as a Functional Consultant, Developer or Solution Architect in the Microsoft ecosystem?

Our joint Level Up program with 365 Talent Portal will give you the opportunity to apply to jobs or projects with trusted Microsoft Partners who will help you get trained. You can also develop new skills within Microsoft technologies through free, official Microsoft online courses and guidance all the way to your first Microsoft certification exam.

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Why choose a Microsoft Dynamics 365 career?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 area is filled with exciting career opportunities for a wide range of IT professionals. Whether you’re a Business Analyst or a Developer, there will be a career path for you.

Gain exposure to the latest technology innovations and a chance to travel the world, the Microsoft space is the perfect place to be.

What do you get when you register with 365 Talent Portal?

365 Talent Portal is our trusted partner – chosen to deliver the jobs and projects of the Level Up initiative.

Once you register with 365 Talent Portal, you can browse Microsoft Dynamics 365 roles, set up a call with an advisor about your learning path options, and access career development resources.

Registering with 365 Talent Portal is the first step to building a successful career with Microsoft Technologies.

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