Corporate Social Responsibility

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At Microsoft, we believe that good corporate citizenship starts at home and that how we work is just as important as all that we do to support our local communities. We work across our business to be a responsible partner to those who place their trust in us. Knowing that our behavior affects all of our stakeholders (including customers, shareholders, employees, communities, suppliers, and partners), we seek to ensure their voices are considered in decisions we make. Our engagements range from consulting leading human rights experts to parents concerned about the online safety of their children.

We align our work with internationally recognized priorities and frameworks, such as the United Nations Guidelines on Business and Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact. To allow our stakeholders to understand our policies, practices, and performance, we base our Citizenship reporting with the standards provided by the Global Reporting Initiative.

Finally we recognize that many issues are too large and complex for any one organization to solve itself and have helped form a number of partnerships to advance responsible practices across our industry, including the Global Network Initiative and the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition.