Technology and Human Rights Center

The Center will work to ensure that Microsoft meets its commitment to respect human rights and works to advance public understanding of the human rights impact of information and communications technology.

Internally, the Center will focus on promoting the integration of human rights into the company’s culture, business operations and strategies. This will take the form of:

  • Advancing integration and understanding of Microsoft’s Global Human Rights Statement;
  • Driving internal alignment and coordination on human rights issues; and
  • Embedding the “respect” concept into consideration of the relationship between human rights and key business topics, such as specific products, services and technologies; market entry, exit and engagement; and business strategy, models and operations.

Externally, the Center will work to advance public understanding of human rights implications of ICT and explore the role business can play in driving respect for human rights through presence in – rather than absence from – markets that present human rights risk. This will take the form of:

  • Advancing the public’s understanding of the human rights impacts both positive and negative of information and communications technology;
  • Increasing understanding that business can most effectively respect human rights through presence in, rather than absence from, countries that present human rights risks; and
  • Fostering dialogue on issues related to human rights and technology.

To fully advance its missions and strategies, the Center will sponsor a variety of programs including:

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communications – The Center will coordinate Microsoft’s ongoing outreach and engagement with a range of stakeholders to help ensure open and honest dialogue and discussion. an ongoing exchange of information sharing.
  • Public Policy Engagement – Coordinate strategic engagement in public policy debates relating to the future of law enforcement, technology and surveillance in ways that encourage policy solutions that protect human rights.
  • Research – In collaboration with Microsoft’s Academic Relations program, the Center is supporting research on the topic of “Internet freedom.”
  • Events – The Center will develop and sponsor an annual program of various events to advance public understanding of the human rights impact of information and communications technology.