About the Awards

The Engineering Awards are some of the highest achievements for Microsoft engineering employees worldwide. The awards reward those exemplifying excellence in engineering across Microsoft, through tools, processes, practices, and results. The awards recognize excellence in driving efficiency and results, optimizing the business through cost or process savings, leveraging existing technologies or processes across divisional boundaries, and designing innovative and novel solutions to address engineering challenges. The Engineering Awards are made up of two award programs: Engineering Excellence, and Trustworthy Computing.

Engineering Excellence Awards

This program recognizes teams who exemplify excellence in engineering processes, driving efficiency and results through innovative engineering tools, practices, and methods.

To qualify, nominees must meet one or more of the following core criteria:

Broad Business Value

The submission must identify an internal, non-shipping engineering process, tool or practice that is considered a "must have" for multiple groups within a business segment, and ideally be considered worthy of implementing across Microsoft.


The submission should optimize team effectiveness through innovative solutions to engineering challenges within an organization, across teams, or across divisions, that drive product design and definition, shared ownership, and continuous value for Microsoft.

Cross-Boundary Collaboration

Teams should have demonstrated great cross-boundary collaboration throughout the process as measured by stakeholder input. This includes: Divisional product team alignment across scenarios and schedules, and marketing and development partnerships.

Business Optimization

The submission must optimize the business through cost or process savings, leveraging existing technologies or processes or evangelizing use as best practice, in order to streamline team practices and processes, and speed adoption of change across teams or divisions.

Improvements to the Product Development Process

The submission must identify a project or team effort that achieved a significant improvement of an engineering process, with particular focus on regional or globally distributed development. The submission must demonstrate measureable impact from this project or effort.


Planning and Design Excellence

Created proven practices or tools for planning, designing, or gathering insights that have resulted in innovative products or services that customers crave.

Excellence in Engineering Productivity and Efficiency

Optimized or reduced duplications of efforts for a product, service or division to achieve significant innovative engineering system improvements, cost reductions, and resource efficiencies that enabled teams to more efficiently deliver against customer and business goals.

Quality Excellence

Used, defined, and improved methodologies, processes and standards to meet the expected product/service outcome for Microsoft and the customer, by influencing how the services and products are delivered, thereby increasing quality.

Trustworthy Computing Awards

The Trustworthy Computing Awards are awarded to those Microsoft employees who exemplify the principles of Trustworthy Computing, making significant contributions to privacy, security, and reliability through technology innovation, business value, and increased customer trust.

To qualify, nominees must meet one or more of the following core criteria:


The submission should break with conventional processes and go beyond marginal improvements in prior or existing products, services, or tools. Innovation should be demonstrated through feedback from colleagues, customers, or partners, and/or benchmarks against previous versions or new return on investment (ROI) measurements.

Business & Customer Value

The work should demonstrate substantial, quantifiable business value and significant customer impact, either internally or externally. Ideally, the submission should have measurable impact on customers’ or partners’ fiscal outcomes.

Trust Enhancer

Submissions should demonstrate an enhanced trust in Microsoft among external audiences or should enable trust among internal stakeholders. This can be demonstrated through the increased reliability, strength, or security of the company. Ideally, the submission has increased positive perceptions worldwide that Microsoft is a trusted and trustworthy company. This can also be through a technology or practice that exemplifies our commitment to improving the overall trustworthiness of the ecosystem.



Focused on taking a more proactive approach to innovation in security; positively impacted customer awareness, perception, and satisfaction through thoughtful and intentional security communications, guidance, training or information.


Promoted customer privacy through deploying features that enable customers to control the collection or use of their personal information, instituting new internal processes or practices that support privacy compliance, or evangelizing privacy awareness and best practices either internally or externally.


Improved reliability from a customer perspective, working with the industry to drive advances across the board in delivering computing experiences exceeding our customers’ ever-rising expectations. As with security and privacy, reliability is not an isolated process within Microsoft.

Business Practices

Acted respectfully, responsibly, and with the highest integrity with our customers, partners, vendors, co-workers, media, and stakeholders around the world. Built trust through the proliferation of meaningful, open, and mutually beneficial relationships with global customers. Contributed to worldwide citizenship efforts, geopolitical, market or world readiness initiatives, or to TwC pillars or programs by demonstrating that we are listening and responding to customer needs worldwide.