Alex Kipman

Outstanding Technical Leadership
As the visionary behind Kinect, Kipman’s exceptional leadership and dedication to innovation propelled Kinect to launch through adversity to become the world’s fastest selling consumer electronics device.

Creating software for Kinect posed significant challenges, but that never bothered Alex Kipman. Why should it, when according to Kipman, anything is possible?

"The reason I fell in love with this art form is because the only thing that holds you back is lack of imagination," he explains. "In physics, there are laws you can't bend. But in software, you can bend anything. So nothing is impossible."

It is fitting, then, that his greatest innovation, Kinect, transports us to a universe where the impossible becomes possible. In most controller-centric games, the developers do all of the imagining for us, leaving us to just go through the motions. Alternatively, when you take away the controller, your imagination and the screen are now one step closer, allowing you to instantaneously manifest your own imaginings into a visual reality. In this Kinect universe, you are whatever you want to be—a super hero, a pop diva, a soccer star—and your adventures are as wild as your imagination.

Kinect also enables users to step outside the confines of its universe. By tapping into the Kinect sensor’s data stream, "hackers" can create their own universes or even re-imagine ours. One of the most exciting things about Kinect is how the open source community has embraced it and how, in a short time span, it has facilitated great progress in robotics, technology, art, and more. It was Kipman who left Kinect open, giving the world the opportunity to explore a universe that proves that when it comes to software, nothing is impossible.