Text-to-speech converter is a tool software that supports text-to-speech conversion. It provides two functional modules. The first is the text-to-speech function, which can be converted into the corresponding voice file after importing the document content and completing the corresponding parameter settings; the second is the voice-to-text function, importing recordings and voice files After that, it can be converted to text, providing multiple language options. If you have any good suggestions for the product can send an email to:, jointly improve this product, you unwittingly become a product manager for the! 【For people】 1. Professionals: Office meetings, business negotiations, easily output the contents of the recording files to the meeting minutes; 2. Reporters and lawyers: Import and organize files such as interviews, interviews, and recordings into news articles and evidence; 3. Teachers and students: The teacher’s lecture training is recorded, converted into words and sorted into written materials, to record the contents of the teacher’s lessons, and do not miss any key knowledge; 4. Writers and scholars: quickly convert inspiration into words anytime, anywhere, and improve writing efficiency [Industry Applicable] Suitable for text workers in news media, lawyers, government agencies, university courseware, business speeches and other industries


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