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We are all guilty of forgetting the directions to our once favorite places. How about forgetting even their names...leave alone the location or directions?? Imagine the smile or wonder on your face when you are reminded that you once visited this romantic get away years back with your loved one or the spicy food place at an exit in the middle of nowhere you visited years back or the local eatery you once frequented in college with your buddies !!! Roadbuddy can remember a user's favorite location and proactively remind the user of his/her favorite location when the user is in the vicinity and provide the user, directions to the location ..all in one tap! No more of trying to remember your... favorite restaurant at a vacation spot you visited a while back! the food truck downtown! the new barber shop you just can't remember the name of! even the scenic spot on your hike, so you can get back to it later! The applications of RoadBuddy are endless! Get RoadBuddy today, sit back and relax as the app does all the work for you...for life!


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