WinRare+ is a free and modern replacement of the most worldwide used Winzip, WinRar and 7-zip apps ! It is a new and Innovative way to Preview, Extract and Create archive files on your W10 PC. It handles common formats such as ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip, TAR, Gzip and more. _____________________________________________________________ PREVIEW _____________________________________________________________ It is the only one archive application that allows you to preview the contents of any archive, without having to leave the app and without launching any other application! Thus, you can preview/watch the Media Files inside an archive (video, audio or pictures), or you can quickly read any archived Office file (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), PDF etc. And the best part: There is no need to have the appropriate application installed. For example, you can read a compressed Word Document without having Microsoft Word installed. Or, you can watch a .flv video or hear an .ogg audio file without having installed any other app with the needed video codecs! _____________________________________________________________ EXTRACT / COMPRESS _____________________________________________________________ Moreover, it allows you to extract the contents of an archive with some advanced options, and to compress any file you want (or even a whole folder) into a new archive. Adding password protection to the archive is a feature also. _____________________________________________________________ WINDOWS 10 INTEGRATION _____________________________________________________________ Finally, WinRare+ is able to be integrated directly to your Windows 10 system. With the integration, you are able to make any archive operation you want, directly from the Windows 10 File Explorer, without the need to open the app! _____________________________________________________________ WIZARD STYLE _____________________________________________________________ All of the above actions can be done in a simple way: The app uses small wizards to easily accomplish any task with 2 or 3 clicks maximum! _____________________________________________________________ FREE - No ads - No subscriptions _____________________________________________________________ WinRare+ is 100% FREE, without ads, limited features or irrevelant messages at all! As far as we know there isn’t such FREE Unzip application in the MS Store exist, so we are very proud


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Mobility in Life applications


Mobilty in Life Applications - 2021

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Mobilty in Life Applications TEAM



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