Eme Effiom's experience and journey of exploits

The Microsoft Internship helped me kick start my career in the tech world and network with industry experts and colleagues.
It has improved my job prospect in top Software Companies in different parts of the world like London, New York, Detroit etc with interview invites from companies like Microsoft, IBM etc.

It has given me the confidence to take bold steps and go after my dreams no matter how big they are.

As an alumnus. I have attended Microsoft events like the Ignite Tour where I interacted with the Microsoft diversity team and met the CEO of Microsoft UK, including top executives and experts in the 4Afrika initiate together with industry colleagues.

I also toured the Microsoft Campus in Paddington where I got to see what it was like to work in Microsoft and the various teams there like the Bing team etc(pictures at lift London are attached below).

This initiative has indeed helped me grow my network and experience in the field as well as learn more about the culture in Microsoft.

At the momemnt, I have just completed my Masters program in software Engineering at Cardiff University and currently on the job hunt.

It's nice to know that Microsoft4Afrika still cares and reaches out to us from time to time.

Thank you very much.