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SkillsLab is 4Afrika’s employability and capacity building programme. It develops the digital skills, coding capabilities and workplace readiness of young graduates. Apprentice developers spend up to six months working with senior software technicians to develop essential workplace skills and the ability to design and implement modern software solutions.

Building the 21st Century Workforce

Microsoft SkillsLab is an Apprenticeship programme developed by Microsoft 4Afrika to upskill talented youth and address the digital skills gap in the industry and the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The SkillsLab programme develops digital skillsets on cloud and emerging technologies, coding capabilities and workplace readiness of young university graduates.

In seven years, over two thousand young people have graduated from 25 SkillsLabs in twelve countries across the continent, with the large majority moving into jobs within three months of graduating. The initiative has been recognised by the International Finance Corporation as a best practice example of developing skills in sub-Saharan Africa.

Each SkillsLab is a hands-on learning experience lasting up to six months that enables recent graduates to develop essential workplace skills combined with practical project experience. The apprentices work under the supervision of highly experienced mentors to implement real-world solutions. Apprentices also successfully take Microsoft Certification exams on emerging technologies.

After graduating from the programme, apprentices have priority access to jobs through their host partners and the Microsoft Partner Network. In addition, the skills gained from these programmes ensure that these graduates have the know-how to become successful entrepreneurs.

There are currently 25 SkillsLabs operating in countries across Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Cape Verde, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius, Malawi, Morocco, Botswana, Ethiopia and Jordan. 2,455 apprentices have graduated from the SkillsLabs, with more than 2,000 securing full-time employment within three months of graduating.

SkillsLab Programme

Countries where SkillsLab Programmes are currently happening; for countries not listed, please check this page for updates.

Country Contact
Botswana Botswana Innovation Hub
Botswana Business Accountancy College
Botswana SAIS Botswana
Cape Verde NOSI Academy
Ethiopia Wollo University
Ethiopia Ethiopian Airlines
Ethiopia Techonology Innovation institute, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Gebeya
Ghana Blossom Academy
Ghana Azubi Africa
Ghana EAI Systems
Jordan AlHussein Technical University (HTU)
Kenya Strathmore University
Kenya Azubi Africa
Kenya Africa Data School
Kenya United States International University (USIU)
Malawi UNHCR Camp Dzaleka
Mauritius Ceridian Mauritius
Morocco Ecole 1337
Nigeria Sidmach Technologies
Nigeria Code 360
Nigeria LearnFactory
Nigeria Heartland Incubation Hub
South Africa Girlhype
Uganda Refactory


Key information about the SkillsLab Programme; if you notice anything different from the details below please reach out to us immediately via contact us

Fees involved The SkillsLab Programme is an Apprenticeship program. No fees are applicable.
Eligibility You don’t need a lot of experience to be eligible. The SkillsLab Programme provides you with the required Digital Skillsets to be readily employable.
Regularity The SkillsLab Programme has been designed to run on a quarterly basis or twice a year – However this may differ depending on the SkillsLab hosting partner.
Any scholarship involved The SkillsLab Programme is free of charge for Apprentices that have been selected. This may also varies based on the SkillsLab Hosting partner.
Mode of application You can respond to the call for application when it is published by the respective SkillsLab Partner in respective country.
Duration of the course The SkillsLab Program should run per cycle of up to 6 months – However this may differ depending on the SkillsLab hosting partner.

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