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In 2013, Microsoft launched its 4Afrika Initiative. We started investing in start-ups, partners, small-to-medium enterprises, governments and youth on the African continent. Our focus has been on delivering affordable access to the internet, developing skilled workforces and investing in local technology solutions. Africa has the potential to lead the technology revolution – and so we’re empowering those with the right ideas to drive economic development, inclusive growth and digital transformation.

4Afrika is also Microsoft’s business and market development engine on the continent. We are preparing the market to embrace cloud technology, which ensures that:

  • Entrepreneurs deliver new services to market faster
  • Businesses become more productive and make smarter, more data-driven decisions
  • Governments are more transparent, efficient and accountable, improving local business and investment climates
  • Citizens from all walks of life are able to access key services that improve their livelihoods

What has 4Afrika achieved?

Interns 4Afrika

Since 2013, 4Afrika has reached over 1.7 million SMEs, bringing over half a million of them online to reach new markets and grow their businesses.

Interns 4Afrika

Through TV white spaces connectivity pilots, we have connected schools, healthcare centers, universities and businesses to the internet for the first time. 15 Connectivity plots in 6 countries with $4.1 million from OPIC to expand Mawingu

Interns 4Afrika

Our 4Afrika Academy is providing graduates and developers with in-demand digital skills and experience, securing full-time employment for 90% of our participants. 400 interns have been placed with 60 partners across 20 countries. 90% retention rate of interns

Interns 4Afrika

More local start-ups, with the relevant financial and technical support, are now all using cloud-enabled technology to change the face of healthcare, agriculture, education, finance and government services on the continent. 64 Startups funded and 94 supported generating $5.1 million in reciprocal investments

4Afrika believes in the power of cloud technology. More importantly, we believe in the power of cloud technology to empower every person and organisation to achieve more.