Helping women realize their true potential

Young women have been an integral part of the movement toward democratization, freedom, equality and social justice in countries across the African region. Today more than ever, these women have confidence in themselves and a desire for freedom and equal rights. Microsoft saw an opportunity to help these women through economic empowerment as they work to realize gender equality, improve social conditions and attain and maintain political rights.

Female empowerment

Microsoft intends to launch a portal targeted at North African women in March as an offshoot of the MasrWorks IT skills portal. This is designed to empower young women to play a leadership role in their communities, build their skills and self-esteem and introduce new models for self-employment. It will provide IT skills training and also softer skills training on topics including leadership, self-confidence and interviewing, as well as the mentorship needed to build a long-term career in technology. The mentorship will be provided via a sustained engagement between Microsoft, partners, a local NGO, and the beneficiaries to support them in career building and to plan their role in society as female leaders.

The portal aims to reach 25,000 Egyptian women in the first year with the goal of helping 40% of those women improve their economic and societal position.

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