Interns4Afrika Success Story

Elizabeth Chege

I joined Africa 118 Digital Marketing Company at the beginning of March, 2017 as placed by the Microsoft 4Afrika team. I was offered an internship position as a social media marketer and I attended several training sessions with 4Afrika on Skype and with Africa 118 Company as well. I was able to learn a lot relating to digital marketing as was my docket.

After 6 months, the session came to an end and I was lucky enough to be retained by the company. I continued working under the same internship role for the next few months. After a while, at the beginning of 2018, the Company offered me a contract as a full time digital marketer of its internal brands. With time, as I gained more experience and learned the ropes, I started working with external brands, since the company deals in digital marketing for SMEs.

In October 2018, news came that the Company would be starting a new project in Ethiopia. They were launching Taskmoby, one of the brands that I handled when I started. Africa 118 had earlier on applied for a grant with GSM Association and was among 800 applicants; Africa 118 became the winner of the said grant.

Having gained some experience earlier on while working with Taskmoby, I was recommended to be the project manager to oversee Taskmoby Launch in Ethiopia. This was to start in December 2018 and go all the way to December 2019.

Taskmoby Overview

Taskmoby is an on-demand home services application that aims to connect merchants with users. The merchants are providers of services which include electrical, plumbing, cleaning, interior décor, security services among others ( The application works such that that the person in need of a service downloads the application from Playstore, signs up and makes the request. They are then connected to a service provider offering their need in their area.

On the other hand, the merchant offering the service has to have an application as well (Taskmoby Pro), where prior to this, he would have gone through a vetting process to ensure he is qualified and possesses the skill to offer the service in question.

The application targets the youth and women in Ethiopia, by creating jobs for them, thus helping reduce unemployment rates and create independence among these target groups.