Harel Mallac: More than just technology

How our products become part of our partners’ DNA

“The Interns4Afrika program is an interesting way of promoting Microsoft products and technology. Instead of just taking a product or solution approach, Microsoft helps us to import knowledge into the organisation and this is really valuable. That knowledge stays inside the organisation and becomes part of its DNA. Where a Microsoft product offering may come and go at any time, having the knowledge that comes from the Interns program is very powerful.” - Alvinesh Jugun

Harel Mallac has been involved with the Interns4Afrika program since 2017 and has engaged interns across all streams of the program. Interns are recruited to work on specific projects and Harel Mallac have learnt from experience how best to identify and engage interns so that both parties benefit most. Making sure that the interns motivations and commitment are clear from the outset has proven successful and the changes in the technical stream of the program which now offers a wider range of training on the ‘hottest’ Microsoft products means that the interns are even more employable. The company benefits from knowledge and skills that they may not already have access to.

“The interns are exposed to and learning the soft skills that business needs, but which are often lacking in people at their level of business – this gives them an advantage in the job market and provides value to us as a business. That alongside the training and knowledge in the newest of Microsoft products that the interns receive, allows us to implement the latest technology and to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace”.

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