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Interns4Afrika, cloud technology and a better society

“I keep in touch with most of the Interns and they seem to be doing well in whatever endeavour they undertake. They may join a competitor, Microsoft or different vendor, but they’re able to contribute to society and be a meaningful member of society”. - Thomas Kyuli

Agile Cloud Solutions in Kenya got involved after a Microsoft contact told them about the Interns4Afrika program. As a digital transformation company keen on emerging technologies that also wants to have an impact on society, the program was a good match for him and his team.

He’s been involved since 2016 and feels that the program improves with each wave. Now there’s a good balance between practical work experience and training and the new technical tracks mean that interns can specialise in the area where they have most interest. The interns have all done well and have all stayed on after the internship, even though, because of market conditions, most move on after a while to pursue other interests.

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The program has been good in terms of building the company’s relationship with Microsoft. Agile Cloud Solutions now see that Microsoft sees beyond the bottom line with this program making a real difference to society. They value the design and flexibility of the program and want to stay involved as the Interns4Afrika program is becoming an “integral strategy to help us grow our business”

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